Fancy meeting you here!

I’m Celeste, an emerging UX/UI designer in the Bay Area. I love meeting new people and learning about their latest projects. In a previous life I worked as an office manager at a cool IoT startup, where I collaborated with a fabulous team of people and sharpened my project management skills. It was a great experience, but I needed a path for nurturing my creative side; I fortunately found DESIGNATION, an immersive design environment that helped guide my design process and transformed my fascination for people-watching into usability testing skills. These days I get to create clean, user-centered designs that bring simplicity to people’s lives.

When I’m not obsessing over design you can find me geeking out over Harry Potter, visiting the Cal Academy, or grabbing a bite at Sendai Sushi. Let’s chat! Send me an email at celeste.qma@gmail.com.